Summer, Summer, Summer Time. Time to travel and unwind. Day trips are in this year!

My husband and I have planned a few day trips this Summer to get out and have some family fun that won’t hurt the budget. Our goal is to visit nearby cities to find the hidden gems of Indiana. Luckily, my friends at the Indiana State Museum reached out to me to see if we were interested in visiting a few of Indiana’s Historic Sites. Indiana State Museum’s 12 Historic Site Tour features Indiana’s hidden gems throughout Indiana from homes apart of the Underground Railroad to lavish Mansions.

The first site we decided to visit was Levi and Catherine’s Coffin House in Fountain City, Indiana. We were very intrigued to visit a home that was a part of the Underground Railroad. When you arrive you can visit the museum next door to the Coffin’s home. Inside the museum, you will learn the history of Levi and Catherine coffin and their legacy. The exhibits are amazing! They have a film that is shown in the theater that highlights the Coffin’s legacy. Several interactive displays that educate about slave trade, slavery and freedom seekers journey to freedom. The museum has a cozy library and museum gift shop. My husband was excited to purchase this retro jump rope. We purchased some candy for the kids to enjoy while we waited for the tour to begin next door.

Next door is Levi and Catherine Coffin’s home in its original state. No AC, No Heat, No Electricity…Nothing. It was very surreal to be in a home that once housed slaves seeking freedom. Levi Coffin mentioned in his book that every week there was a knock at the door where they would greet freedom seekers. The tour is great and our tour guide shared stories from Levi’s book that he wrote a year before he died. We learned that at one time this crawlspace once housed 15 people who were seeking freedom. Levi Coffin designed his house in a special way that every room had two entries on the main level. The basement of the home has a well to spring water, that is a special design that Levi wanted for his home.

The next time the kids say they are bored or you need a getaway visit one of Indiana’s Historic Sites. The day trips are affordable and there is so much to learn about Indiana’s hidden gems. You can learn more about the tour site here and Levi and Catherine’s Coffin House here. Also, when you visit Levi and Catherin’s home let me know if you found the “Quaker” design detail in the home.

Happy Day Trippin'