Let’s Talk Money…or show me the Money! I know corny! I can’t help myself. I’ve teamed up with Tia of Financially Fit and Fab to share some gems when it comes to money!

In the video below Tia and I share 3 useful tips when talking money with your spouse. Now, I did some research and found that financial difficulties between married couples can end up with a 45% chance in divorce! I highly recommend that you watch this video and create a plan with your spouse or significant other to tackle your money together using these 3 tips!


Be sure to head over to Tia’s channel for our next tips! Tia and I share 3 tips for saving money as a family. I promise you tip #1 and tip #2 was mind-blowing and I wish I had started them sooner!

Be sure to share with Tia and I over on Instagram your favorite tips! We would also love to know any tips that you have when it comes to money talks with your spouse and family!

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Until next time…make that money, honey!