I have a special post for you today! I just celebrated my 30th Birthday! My Love just celebrated his 31st Birthday! In honor of our birthdays, I created birthday cards for you to print and give to a love one! I'm sharing with you my #30 hashtags to live by this year and why. Ok...let's get into it...

  1. #womanofmyword - Woman of My Word - It's very important for me to do what I said I was going to do. I plan to honor my word to others and myself.

  2. #creativelife - Creative Life - I plan to create the life of my dreams and live life as a creative entrepreneur.

  3. #wifelife - Wife Life - I plan to be his better half. I want to be the best wife I can be. More Kisses. More Recognition. More Dates. More Intimacy.

  4. #momlife - Mom Life - I plan to create more traditions for our children. I want to be present with my kids when I say I will. More Fun. More Adventure. More Memories. More Traditions.

  5. #healthjourney - Health Journey - I plan to transform my health and build a lifestyle that promotes healthy eating and fitness. I plan to make this a priority.

  6. #graceupongrace - Grace Upon Grace - I plan to make time daily to thank God for his grace. To also, make this a reminder to have grace with others.

  7. #slay - Slay - I plan to slay...all day...I kid. I do plan to make an effort to slay and make beauty days to do so.

  8. #werk - Werk - I plan to work..oops..WERK harder than I did yesterday.

  9. #hustle - Hustle - I plan to hustle like no other. Use my time wisely.

  10. #divascancook - Divas Can Cook - I plan to make an effort to enjoy cooking. To create some staple meals that my family love.

  11. #fashionable - Fashionable - I plan to create a style fashion post and/or lookbook to get over my fear that I am not fashionable enough.

  12. #pride - Pride - I plan to have pride in my work and pride in my self.

  13. #bodypositive - Body Positive - I plan to post a series about body positive and to truly love myself at all stages.

  14. #SexyAF - Sexy AF - I plan to embrace my sexy and to show it.

  15. #healthyhair - Healthy Hair - I plan to embrace my hair at the stage it is in + focus on healthy hair.

  16. #browngirlbloggers - Brown Girl Bloggers - I plan to step my game up as a blogger and be features as a Brown Girl Blogger.

  17. #spreadlove - Spread Love - Spread Love. Not Hate. Goes for internal thoughts too.

  18. #entrepreneur - Entrepreneur - I am an entrepreneur. Embrace it.

  19. #blackish - Blackish - I love this show!

  20. #readmore - Read More - To actually read the books in my book club.

  21. #classy - Classy - When faced with adversity to remain classy.

  22. #greensmoothies -Green Smoothies - To complete a Green Smoothie cleanse.

  23. #whole30ish - Whole 30ish - To eat whole foods from nature or animals.

  24. #sidehustler - Side Hustler - To create multiple streams of income is the key to financial freedom.

  25. #rest - Rest - I plan to rest when needed.

  26. #mealprepsunday - Meal Prep Sunday - I plan to meal prep on Sundays to ensure that I have healthy meals ready to go for the week.

  27. #goals - Goals - I plan to complete the goals that I have set out.

  28. #family - Family - I plan to love more + see family more. Create more memories.

  29. #friends - Friends - I plan to hang out more + create more memories.

  30. #sheabassadoroftheyear - SheaBassador of the Year 2016 - I'm so honored to be the Shea Bassador of the Year. My NYC Takeover was an experience to remember for a lifetime.

What are some hashtags you plan to live by this year? Let me know in the comments below. Oh, be sure to download your Free Birthday Cards!