As a creative freelancer, wife, and momma of two, along with maintaining a 9-to-5, hosting an online weekly show and creating content for my blog, my life can be pretty hectic. I found the best way for me to find balance is to set schedules to help me better prioritize life.  I found that having an after school/work routine is great to help focus on your daily tasks and goals. 

Homework + Snacks: As many of you know meal prepping helps keeps me sane. The joy of coming home to a meal waiting to be warmed and served to my family is the best time saver ever! While dinner is warming up, the kid's will have some snacks and work on their homework.The goal is to have homework completed by 6 PM so then the kids can have an hour of free time.   I love Apple & Eve juice boxes, especially the Fruit and Vegetable blends. Its the perfect way to sneak veggies into your little one's diet. Kid's can't tell the difference and love the taste. Apple & Eve for the win!

Play Time + TV Time: After dinner and homework is completed the kids will have play time. Depending on the weather the kids will either play outside, they love to play soccer! Some days we will challenge the kids to a good game of hungry, hungry hippos! On TV days, the kids will enjoy their time watching their favorite shows. We limit TV time and use the TV as a reward and not a necessity - by doing this we save lots of money instead of buying toys for rewards! 

Daily Chores + Bed Time: We recently implement daily chores which have been a lifesaver. I'm not sure why I avoided this. Oh, I know...I'm a control freak and didn't think the kids would clean the "Mom" way. I was completely wrong, once I taught them how to clean their daily task, they did a great job.  I'm so impressed with them! Once the clock strikes 8 PM the kids will prepare for bedtime. My oldest loves to double check the clock to ensure I'm telling the truth. Bed Time equals the start of my Me Time. We can all use some Me Time! Most often Me Time consists of watching a movie with my husband and we both fall asleep on the couch. Good times! #MarriedLifeWithKids


Having a routine of some sort is great for children; it allows them to know what is expected. I find that they thrive in knowing what's next in their day. Granted life happens and we have to be flexible with our routine, especially when the kid's are playing sports. How do you schedule your evenings? Do you follow an after school routine? I would love to know your routine.  


This blog post is a collaboration with Apple & Eve and Influenster 

Photography: Tanisha Pinex

Images Courtesy of Tanisha Pinex