Dear Reg,

It seems like the time is flying by so fast. 3 years of marriage! Wow! I'm so impressed with our growth in our marriage. Reflecting on our marriage together we seem to have 3 key values that keep us whole. 

FUN - Yes, Fun! This has been key to our relationship from the start. Going on 10 years of dating in November. To have fun, to relax and to chill. We can have fun anywhere and on a budget. Some of our best times have been date nights at home. 

  • We try not to take ourselves too seriously

  • Deep belly laughs, wrestling & love taps

  • Driving around on a cool night, feeling the breeze and jammin' to old school music

FORGIVENESS - We realize that we both are humans and not robots that can read minds. We love hard, we disagree harder but we forgive even harder. We respect each others voice and understand each others points of view.

  • We forgive and move on

  • We don't stay pissed that "someone" forgot to take the trash out again

  • We may have gone to bed upset but awake refresh and with forgiveness

TEAMWORK - Teamwork makes the dream work. Over time we have honed our teamwork skills and we knock out chores, tag team the kids and grocery shop better than ever!

  • We allow the other to lead in their strengths

  • We step up when the other is struggling

  • We found what works best for us

Cheers, to many more years of love, happiness, fun, forgiveness and teamwork!