Hey Loves! Welcome back to the blog.

2017 has been a great year! I guess my family’s tradition of eating pig feet every New Year Day really does bring in the good luck or possibly living with intention, however, I will still eat the pig feet, collard greens, and black-eyed peas every year. It’s tradition. Do you have any special tradition for the New Year?

This year I listed the wins and lessons learned each month in my planner. Honestly, there is so much to unpack each month but the overall theme was to get out (no, GET THEE FUCK out) of my comfort zone. I will say once you start living out of your comfort zone you have to be your biggest cheerleader because fear will creep in. Fear…of what others may think, Fear…that you’re not good enough, Fear…that you will fail and etc.

This year also taught me that I’m not perfect and life isn’t but that doesn’t mean you stop trying to be better than your yesterday. One day you can rock in #momlife and suck big time in #wifelife…that’s balance. The goal is to not suck in #wifelife every day or every week. You can kill it one month in #blogginglife and suck big time one month with no blog post. Hashtag that’s life!

As I prepare for 2018 my goal is to work with intention and do the work that fuels my passions, my creativity, and my soul. Below, I share a few highlights of 2017.

January :

  • 2016 Shea Moisture Ambassador of the Year + Trip to NYC with best friend, Ebony

  • Veteran’s Ball in DC with Reg + Visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture

  • First Social Media Content Creation Client Contract Signed


  • First Website Client Contract Signed

  • Down 7lbs + On That Green Smoothie Life

  • Planning Disney Trip


  • Possible Wedding Client – Did Not Get Bid…Bummer

  • Second Website Client Contract Signed

  • Office Makeover Prep Work


  • Declining a Future Client – (I learned the art of saying no)

  • Kayin in gymnasicts + Cardell in baseball

  • Office Makeover Completed (finally a beautiful basement and home office)


  • Being a part of the I AM More Project

  • Mother’s Day was great!

  • Blog Collaboration (Martina)


  • Joined a few local Blogging Groups – Indy Blog Society, Black Blogger’s United and Plus Size Bloggers United

  • Kayin’s Performance

  • Father’s Day was good!


  • Celebrated 4 Years of Marriage

  • Major Headache Setbacks (overly stressed out that I had headaches for 3 weeks)

  • Indy Family Reunion


  • Third Website Client Contract Signed

  • Blog Collaborations (Brittney and Sierra) + (Tia), Sponsored Post (Pantene Gold) + Blog turns 1 Year Old

  • Connect INDY Event


  • My First Meet Up Event – Mass Ave Wine

  • Blog Collaboration (Victoria)


  • IKEA and Children’s Museum Sneak Peeks

  • Sponsored Blog Post (Apple + Eve)

  • Online TV Host of the Fifth Column Network (finally back to being in front of the camera)


  • Disney Family Vacation

  • Sponsored YouTube Video (Zaa Box) + Children’s Museum Sports Experience Sneak Peek with Reg

  • Challenged myself to take full body photos + post them (realized that I was a selfie queen and needed to break that habit. I learned to love my body and show it)


  • First Speaking Engagement at North Central’s Natural Hair Club + Shea Moisture’s donates full size products

  • Sponsored Blog Post (Imagine)

  • Attempt to complete 21 Day Fix (missed a few days but did better than ever)