Hello Loves!

I can’t believe August is here. Time is flying by! Well…I refuse to allow time to slip away this month.

If your hanging out with me on my IG stories – then you may have noticed I had reoccurring headaches for three whole weeks!

I didn’t realize I was stressed out. Granted, we had thee most going on last month from family reunions, preparing for my husband’s travel for work, filming with clients, my blog, new client and everything else in between.

Having headaches daily stressed me out even more! On top of that my Doctor wasn’t very helpful…got to love modern medicine (that’s another story). In the end of the Headache Saga – I finally visited my Eye Doctor. She gets me and we narrowed down that my headaches weren’t due to my eyesight. She did advise that I could use readers since I’m on the computer/phone 24/7. After leaving the Eye Doctor (while my pupils were dilated) I managed to travel to a local Health Market and guess what they had! Headache medicine that not only reduces symptoms but provided vitamins that your body is missing that is causing your headaches. I also, purchased this Headache oil that stopped pain as soon as I placed it on my temples. I was so winning!

Can you believe as soon a I began to feel better…I jumped right back into EVERYTHING full force. Who does that? I’m so glad that the Headache Saga is behind me but I learned that I needed to slow down and focus on my wellness, stress management and level out.

For the Month of August – I’ve decided to LEVEL UP, LEVEL DOWN and most importantly LEVEL OUT.

LEVEL UP – Focus + Be Intentional

  • Taking Care of Self: Eating Foods that will fuel my body (not having cookies everyday), Moving my body daily (30 minutes of activity), Getting 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

  • Following My Heart: I have a vision for my Business and Blog and I need to be intentional with the content that I create and follow my heart on this.

LEVEL DOWN – Relax + Have Fun

  • Stress Reducing Techniques: Moments to breathe, walk and close my eyes. A New Morning/Workout Routine perhaps?

  • Outings with Friends and Family: Create memories, be present and give the ones you love most their roses now – when they can still smell them. ( I just teared up writing that one!)

LEVEL OUT – Spiritually + Slowing Down

  • Power of Prayer: Prayer journaling, praying specific prayers for family, friends and self.

  • Slow Down: Do things that you love and have your “Me Time” daily. (or at least every other day)

F ollow your heart this month and LEVEL UP, LEVEL DOWN and LEVEL OUT.

SIDE NOTE – I followed my heart writing this post. I was inspired by the song, LEVEL. Currently playing on repeat. 

Peace + Blessings, 

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