I hope all is well! I can't believe we have owned our home for a year! I really wished this post was super fancy telling you how to save for a home, or advice we followed when we purchased our home, and the super fancy "pinterest-worthy" home tour! But...it's not and I'm ok with that. What this post will share is the reality of owning a home for the first year. 


  • The first couple of days are filled with joy and shock that you own a home. 

  • You're so proud of yourself and what you have accomplished + you shed a few tears. (you also doubt yourself and second guess - wtf you just did).

  • Seeing your kids run around the house - up and down the stairs - brings you pure joy.

  • You plan all the updates you want to make to the house.

  • Furniture shopping is fun! Furniture delivery and delays are not fun.

  • You were told the furniture company would assemble the bunk bed and they did nothing. 

  • You never knew your husband was so damn handy and you find that extremely sexy!

  • They don't tell you this but somehow your name is on the new homeowners list and all the cable/internet and home alarm system companies will contact you. (mostly door to door sales people).

  • Cutting grass is not bad when you know a guy that does it. Thanks Moe!

  • You create systems to keep everything organize. 


  • You receive a letter that your mortgage is going up and you second guess your life decisions. Moe, can I get a discount?

  • You get a lawnmower and realize you have to suck it up and mow the grass.

  • You're so proud that your home is still standing and you have haven't damaged it too bad.

  • How many times did I tell you to stop running around the house. 

  • You will never trust another furniture company again and created a shack in the backyard to build your own furniture. 

  • Your home update list gets smaller and smaller. (you actually said F it - the house is find like this for now).

  • The systems you created no longer works and you purge everything.

  • The deck is not pinterest worthy and the paint is peeling (why didn't they seal the paint)

  • Sleepovers, parties and realizing your home can fit over 40 people is a blessing.

  • If we don't decorate and buy more furniture - no one will ask us to host Thanksgiving. 

I hope you found my list above funny! Well...I have to go caulk the windows to prepare for fall and winter.