Hello Loves! Welcome back to the blog!

I have a confession to make, I am not a soup person. I’ve told myself this for 30 years because of one bad experience (I’m assuming I had as a child). Now, I don’t recall this experience but as long as I can remember I have said NO to soup (I’ve said HELL NAH, as an adult to be exact). I’m always telling my husband (he’s a soup lover) about this hate that I have towards soup and simply put…he thinks I’m crazy. I had to reflect on this, am I crazy? What is it that I hate about soup? My friends over at Influenster introduced me to Imagine – organic soups, gravies, and broths. While I’m on this discovery regarding my hate of soup…I decided to be an adult and try the damn soup. Plus, I have to be a good example for my kiddos and can’t hate certain foods for no reason.

I was pretty excited to receive my gifted samples of Imagine Super Reds Creamy Soup and the Imagine Free Range Chicken Broth! I was then inspired to do a quick Google/Pinterest search to find quick soup recipes. I discovered so many different recipes to enhance soup and bring it up a notch! I decided to make a quick recipe using my favorite cooking appliance – The Crock Pot!

What shall we call this recipe…Super Reds Creamy Shrimp + Rice Soup (It’s delicious – trust me…I’m definitely going to make this again) First, can I get a round of applause for creating my very own soup recipe. Imagine, you need to add this one to your website. Trust me…you need this recipe. Ok, let’s get to the recipe –


  • Imagine Organic Super Reds Creamy Soup

  • 24 Uncooked and Deveined Shrimp (Costco Purchase)

  • Seeds of Change Organic Brown + Red Rice with Chia and Kale (Costco Purchase)

  • Salt + Pepper


  • Remove Shrimp Tail + Cut Shrimp into pieces

  • Pour All of the Imagine Organic Super Reds Creamy Soup into Crockpot

  • Pour All of the Seed of Change Organic Brown + Red Rice with Chia and Kale into Crockpot

  • Mix All of the Shrimp pieces into Crockpot

  • Mix All Ingredients and Cook on HIGH for 2.5 Hours

  • Season with Salt + Pepper to Taste

I was floored when I took my first bite of the soup! I could not believe that your girl just made a bomb ass soup that was super filling. You can easily swap out the shrimp and add chicken and it would taste just as great.  I’m pretty proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and giving soup a try. I’m more impressed that I created this bomb ass recipe that you must try!