Hello Everyone! Welcome back to the blog. I’m home relaxing from a 7 day vacation with the family. We were in Orlando, Florida for 7 days and spent four of those visiting Disney parks. Life has been super busy with no-chill until now and I thought why not share a life update.

October was filled with many exciting opportunities that came my way like the IKEA preview tour. I had the opportunity to preview the Children’s Museum Haunted House with the family. I collaborated with Apple + Eve and shared my families after school routine; check it out here. I created a new unboxing video over on my YouTube channel with a new company that I was introduced to called ZaaBox and I’m loving all the products; check out the video here. This one thing has been on my career list for the longest but I was very unsure how I would get back to hosting a show. I was invited to be the host for The Fifth Column Network’s Scandalous the Scandal #PreGameShow – The FCN films LIVE on YouTube and Facebook and the show that I host  films LIVE on Thursdays. I love the show’s format – its fun, drinking, games and talking all things Scandal. #Scandalous

By the time November sneaked up, I was exhausted. Let's say BURNT OUT! I was balancing the Scandalous Show, my full time job and my freelance work. Not to mention life as a wife and mommy of two. Oh, and I almost forgot that I help with production for Reg’s show on Sundays, #WeTheDead over on FCN. I learned that you can do anything but not everything. I had to take a break from blogging this month to help reduce as much stress as I could from myself. Let me be super clear and transparent…I was a HOT ASS MESS. I was stress eating. Drinking more alcohol than normal and my home was a cluster fuck. I learned that having a weekly show was a lot of work! Enjoyable work…but work none-the-less. The show is currently on break and will resume when Scandal does in January. Please be sure to check out all the fun over on The Fifth Column Network.

Reg and I had the opportunity to tour The Children’s Museum Sports Experience this month as well. The construction is set to be completed early 2018 and once it is completed the exhibit will be phenomenal. I can vision families spending time there playing and experiencing different sports.

Our family witnessed a transition from Earth this month. My husband’s grandfather, also known as GrandDaddy celebrated his 90th birthday last month. I’ve never witnessed a more peaceful transition; GrandDaddy returned home to begin at home hospice and transitioned in his sleep. He was able to spend time with his loved one and was surrounded by love. During times like such you begin to focus on what matters most…love and family.

Photography: Tanisha Pinex