You can find me in the A!  So..let’s get to the point. I’m not the most fashionable person in the world. I do try…and dabble a bit, however, I have learned to love my style over the years. What is my style you ask? Comfy + Cute. If I’m being honest…Black, All Black Everything! I just love the color, it’s powerful and sexy! I literally wore black every single day…I was like girl…you need some color in your life (and a tan!) 

My friend Sierra of  Eclectic Kurves  invited me to join her for a weekend filled with fashion, bloggers and a good time! PHAT Girl Fresh presents Life Styled, the events kicked off with a social mixer Friday evening at the The Bailey Agency School of Fashion! Beauty and brains filled the room! I met many amazing people that evening, including Maui of PHAT Girl Fresh!  

Friday Night Look - I rocked the mixer wearing AVA + VIV black creased skinny pant and a black blouse. 

Saturday - Sierra and I kicked it at Lenox Square Mall and I was comfy + cute in my T-Shirt Dress from Meijer and Target Sandals! Shopping with Sierra is like having your own personal stylist! The girl knows her stuff! (I'm loving my curves in the photo below...just saying)

Saturday Night - The Life Styled Fashion Show ended the 2-Day event. You must check out the #lifestyled17 hashtag on Instagram to see the amazing looks! The ladies brought it, they were so fierce. The swimsuit and lingerie looks left me in awe! 

Saturday Night Look - I decided to go GLAM! I wore my sexy black dress from and my sandals from Meijer. I'm loving how cute + comfy these sandals are! Let's talk about the goodie bag from the mixer the other night....fabulous! I never heard of ChafeZone or ChubRub and this little stick of goodness is perfect! I usually rub deodorant on my thighs to prevent chaffing. No More! I loved this product and it last from early Saturday at the Mall to the end of the night. 

Now…I’m not the lady to say plus size this, full figured that, phat this, fat that, etc…while I was at the Life Styled events I became more comfortable in my skin, more comfortable in my size and more comfortable in my style. There were a variety of women of all walks, sizes, styles and passions that left me in awe! It was a true sight to see. I left the event feeling empowered and confident with my Plus Size Sexy Self!

A few of the amazing ladies that I met (photo above in order) - 

The Curvy Fashionista

LaToya of The Fat Girl of Fashion

Ashley of My Simple Curvy Life

Joy of Joy of Curves

Lorenza of Designer Elle Dove

Thank you for stopping by! Until next time…