So...the past two months - AMAZING for me professionally. On the other hand, I'm struggling with blogging consistently. I set out a plan and happens. I get a great idea to add to my long list of to-do's and then...nothing. I'm probably just being hard on myself and placing unrealistic expectations upon myself. (I tend to do that sometimes) 

February...No, I wasn't ready! Click HERE to read up on my February goals!

Quick Recap - 

Create + Share Content Consistently - Nah.

Update Website - Nah. 

Complete 10 + 30 Green Smoothie - I didn't complete the full program but I did adjust along the way. I'm PROUD to say, that I now drink a green smoothie for breakfast every morning! 

15 Zumba Workouts - HA. HA. HA. - Yeah, that didn't happen. I decided that I wanted to go to the gym instead and not do anything all month. (well...I focused more on my eating habits) I did lose 7 pounds! 

No, I wasn't ready.jpg

March - I'm ready for you (I know, I say that every month)! I'm already doing great on my lent goal and avoiding chocolate and cookies!  I finally found the perfect *well good for now* balance to maintain my many crowns - wife, mom of two, blog, business and special projects! 

We all need a little push of encouragement! I have four quotes that are sparking my fire this month! I hope they ignite your fire. I wish you a productive month too! 

"The Only Limitations One Has Are The Ones They Place On Themselves"  - Muhammad Ali

"Do The Best You Can Until You Know Better. Then When You Know Better, Do Better. - Maya Angelou

"The Secret To Getting Ahead Is Getting Started" - Mark Twain

"You Are Capable Of Wonderful Things" - Unknown


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