Hello Loves!

New Word. New Motto. New Theme.

A good friend of mine posed the question, “What would your “word” or “theme” be for the New Year?” in a Facebook post. I immediately wrote “becoming” – hinting at the fact of me becoming my best self, the best version of me, sort of blooming into the woman I am designed to be. Then, I thought more on it and I felt as if “becoming” was another way of me “trying”. I’m so over just trying!

I want 2019 to be the year of “Do”.  I’m no longer just busy, I’m doing. By the end of December 2019, I want to look back and say, “Starla, you did that” in awe of what I’ve accomplished. I wanted a word, motto, theme that would trigger me into action. I’ve decided upon the word, motto, theme…Do. It’s to the point, it’s concise and it triggers me to walk through fear with faith to complete and do.

I recently discussed this with my family at dinner and asked them what their word for the year would be. My husband’s word for the year is…Accomplish. I’m excited to see my husband accomplish his goals! My son’s word for the year is…Try. I can’t wait to see my son challenge himself and push himself! My daughter’s word for the year is…Thankful. She surprised me with this word, I’m happy to see her heart bloom with gratitude.

Now, let’s talk fashion! I would normally shy away from these outfits because I would never ever try a jumpsuit, let alone a bodycon dress! However, in the spirit of DO…you DO and you DO it well.

Black Sequin Jumpsuit – Eloquii

I saw this online and was excited to try this in person. The deep V neckline is perfect for a sexy little bra to play peek-a-boo with. Wait for it…the jumpsuit has pockets! Yes, pockets! I’m loving the red lip with this black sequin jumpsuit.

Black Bodycon Dress – Fashion To Figure (similar)
As you may know…Black and Gold are My Colors! This dress is perfectly me but I must admit, I was nervous to wear something so fitting. I’m more of a fit and flare type of girl, with that said…I’m loving the way this dress hugs (and I mean hugs) my assets! Made me do a few double takes.

Red Bodycon Dress – Fashion To Figure
Black, black, black-ity, black is my color of choice. I just love the power it exudes when wearing it. Move over black, Red is taking over for the 99-2000s. So, corny! No, but really…this red dress is powerful, sexy and I just can’t get over it! I love the gold details too!

Sequin Kimono - Asos
Move over honey, she’s a Star! This sequin kimono is prefect to pair with a sexy little black dress and thigh high boots! The details of this kimono are on point! I love the starburst embellishments.


What’s your word for the year? What word, motto, theme will trigger you into action, or help you create your best life and LIVE it!

Love + Blessings,


Location: Robey Hotel Chicago