Hello Loves and What’s Up October!

October is kicking off busy as heck! I’m so excited to be a part of a beautiful online production – The Fifth Column Network! Yes, ya girl Starla Kay will be back in front of the camera as host of the Pre-Show for Scandal! Join me on Facebook Live or YouTube Live Thursdays at 8:30 PM.

IKEA opens this month and I’m so happy that I will be a part of a special tour of the new store in Fishers, Indiana. I love IKEA and I love my husband that assembled all of the IKEA products that we purchased for our home! Be sure to check out our home office makeover and my top 5 IKEA office must-haves.

Since life is getting busier than ever – we opted for a home cleaning/laundry service (also known as, paying my lovely Mother to help us out) the end of September. I’m not sure if having a cleaning service is something we will continue to opt for, but it was very much needed at the time. The kids are loving soccer! Cardell mentioned to us that he is ready to learn how to film and edit because he is interested in his own YouTube Channel. Cardell has the personality to make a great host! Kayin is doing so well in daycare and they introduced her to Kindergarten work this past week and she knocked it out the park! Reg and I are keeping date night alive, even though, they are more like date days. This has been great for us since we have been working side-by-side lately on production projects for our clients.

I’m planning to run a 5k this month. My training has been on and off. My good eating habits have been on and off, too. I’m seeing a reoccurring pattern, I will eat pretty clean up until (TMI) I’m ovulating. I know, it never fails. Then, I’m playing the catch-up game. I’ve decided to join The Pretty Plus in The No Fluff Challenge for October. Join me and cater the challenge to your needs. I will have one off day during the week and the weekly sip of wine during the challenge. Wine is fruit and fruit is healthy.

I share my October plans and goals below. What are your plans and goals for this month?


  • Host Scandal Pre-Show Thursdays on The Fifth Column Network
  • IKEA Media Day
  • Cardell’s Fall Concert
  • Ball State Homecoming
  • Train + Run 5K
  • Joining The Pretty Plus – No Fluff Challenge
  • Purchase Podcasting Microphone (September Goal – Moved to October)
  • Kid’s Duo Sleepover
  • Visit Haunted House, Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard with Family


  • Lose 8 – 10 pounds (C25k Training 5 Days A Week)
  • Follow No Fluff Challenge with One Off Day
  • Blog + Post Consistently
  • Finish Year of Yes Book

Peace + Blessings,