Let’s talk hair! I recently received my first campaign from Influenster featuring Pantene Pro V Gold Series Moisture Boost Shampoo, Moisture Boost Conditioner and Hydrating Butter-Crème. Pantene was my jam back in the day! The brown bottle was my go to shampoo and conditioner, I believe the name was Pantene for Relaxed and Naturals. Do you remember the brown bottles?

Let’s get into the review, shall we? First impressions: I LOVE the gold packaging and branding! I am a lover of Gold! After obsessing with the packaging I went straight to the ingredients and I hit a pause. I’m not the biggest fan of the ingredients and I was actually bummed out by them. I’ve been natural for close to 10 years now and I prefer more natural ingredients. After going back and forth, I finally decided to give them a try!

My thoughts on the Moisture Boost Shampoo –

  • PROS – The Moisture Boost Shampoo lather well and smells amazing! My daughter even enjoyed the smell.

  • CONS – The Moisture Boost Shampoo was lacking moisture to me and left my hair feeling stripped.

My POV on the Moisture Boost Conditioner –

  • PROS – The Moisture Boost Conditioner was my favorite! It is so creamy and moisturizing.

  • CONS – Besides ingredients not being natural…I don’t have any qualms with The Moisture Boost Conditioner.

My thoughts regarding the Hydrating Butter-Crème –

  • PROS – The Hydrating Butter-Crème…None (I honestly feel so bad saying that but I have to be honest)

  • CONS – The Hydrating Butter-Crème was my least favorite. It was lacking all the moisture.

Overall, loved the packaging, wished the ingredients were more on the natural side and the Moisture Boost Conditioner was my favorite. The products are infused with argan oil and I was so hyped to try them. After reading the ingredients of the Hydrating Butter-Crème and found that argan oil was the 12th ingredient. I was shocked. Have you tried Pantene Pro V Gold Series?