We all love the positive vibe life, right?

Do you know what a positivity jar is? Are you about that positive vibe lifestyle? Well…Victoria and I are discussing what a positivity jar is and why you need one and how having one can increase your confidence. We will also share how to make one and different types of positivity jars you can create for yourself, your marriage, your children and other relationships.

A little background about Victoria, she is an amazing natural hair and lifestyle blogger over at Classy Curlies. I first met Victoria at her Natural Hair Expo last year. Recently, Victoria was speaking at the Fearlessly SHE Conference and she discussed positivity jars! I was immediately inspired and wanted to share this with you.

What is a Positivity Jar? In the video below Victoria and I share what a positivity jar is and why you need one! Why Do I Need A Positivity Jar, Starla? This quote comes to mind, “You can do nice things for people all the time and they never notice, but once you make one mistake its never forgotten.” This rings very true, we will remember the negative far more than the positive. Having a positivity jar will allow you to focus and reflect on the good in your life. Having a rough day – pull out your positivity jar and reflect on the good. Watch the video below to learn more. 


In our second video over on Victoria’s channel we discuss how to create your own positivity jar to increase confidence! Positivity Jars are the perfect visual reminders compared to a gratitutde journal. Victoria and I loved this idea so much we decided to create a Pinterest board and would love for you to check it out for more positive vibe inspiration, click here.


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