Hello and welcome back! Week Two of the Refocus Challenge! Last week we discussed self prioritizing, priorities and scheduling our priorities. We listed them, broke them down and scheduled them in. This week we will focus on commitment and setting boundaries with our schedules so that we are taking care of our priorities, also known as, focusing on what matters most!

If you ask my closes friends and family members they all know what my Sunday plans are. Sunday’s are the days where I “Get My Life Together”. Sundays are where my family and I care for our home (cleaning) and cook for the week (meal planning). I’ve learned over the years (8 years since being a Mom) that this works for me and my family. I love a clean home - that’s one of my priorities. To be exact, I love my main living spaces to be clean and tidy.  I can care less how messy the kid’s rooms are but we do have rules for the kids to return toys back to their rooms before bedtime. Meal prepping over the years just help makes life easier. We spend Sunday afternoons preparing meals for the work week. This allows us to come home every evening after work and school and have dinner ready in minutes. We save money and having dinner ready every night is the We typically eat out for dinner on Fridays!

Setting boundaries is simply having a plan and sticking with it and not allowing anything to interrupt your plan. If you scheduled working out at 5AM every morning, than you must commit to prepping the night before, setting your alarm and getting enough rest to perform for the day. You would have to set boundaries that you must go to bed at a certain time to ensure you have enough rest.

Another example, every Tuesday evening from 8PM to 10PM is your time to focus on your business/blog. Your home girl invited you to drinks at the rooftop Tuesday at 8PM. You know you should work on your business/blog, however, you have not seen your home girl in a while. What should you do? You must commit to your priority and decline the invitation. Priorities, Honey! Take a look at your schedule and set another date night with your home girl while on the phone. I’m guilty of this, I will decline and say, let’s get together soon. I’ve learned that if it’s not on my calendar it doesn’t happen. You could also, meet up with her that Tuesday for drinks earlier if your schedule permits and then head home in time to commit to your priorities.

Life happens. This isn’t about being perfect, slips and mistakes are going to happen. Let’s make a deal that we can’t go more than two days of slipping up or falling off track. If you find yourself going 3 days or more days off track, it’s time to refocus on your priorities. Review your priority and ask yourself is this important to me? Why? Why have I not focused on it? How can I focus on it going forward? What causes me to not to focus on it? Is this really what I want?

Commit to your priorities. Set boundaries. Be sure to schedule in some fun with your home girl too! I would love to hear from you along the journey, share with me on Instagram (tag me @starlakaymathis and use the hashtag #ReFocus2017) Also, share with me on Facebook and Twitter (tag me @starlakaymathis and use the hashtag #ReFocus2017). Help a sista, brotha and home girl out and share this with someone that could benefit. Plus, they would make a great accountability buddy along the journey.

Thank you and have a fantastic and fun week!