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Welcome to Week 3 of the Refocus Challenge!

The last two weeks we focused on self – prioritizing, organizing and scheduling our priorities. We also, discussed commitment and setting boundaries. This week we are going to focus on clutter. Clutter in our lives, in our homes and in our head.

Clutter in our lives – What is this form of clutter? This clutter is the bad vibes and energy that comes from our environment. Reflect and write down the times or situations that distract you or kill your vibe. Be mindful of these kill-joys. List ways to avoid these or limit your interaction with them.  

Clutter in our homes – Take time to remove clutter from your home and space. I discovered minimalism about 2 years ago and it changed my life. Here is a great article to get you started. My husband and I decided to live a minimal-ish lifestyle when we moved into our home two years ago. We only allowed items in our home that were – functional, beautiful and had a purpose. Now…we are overdue for a home purge and complete organization session. Maintaining a home and space is so much easier when things have a dedicated spot. Take time this week to tackle that one area that’s driving you crazy! Over the next few weeks focus on one area at a time until your space is organized.

Clutter in our head – We have to remove the clutter (negative talk) in our heads. We have to be our biggest cheerleader and be as real with ourselves as we can be. I’ve learned some strategies to deal with my negative self talk from Myleik, Founder of CurlBox. One of Myleik’s podcast episodes she shares her take on facts versus feeling. She shares how feelings are not facts. We may not like the facts but facts don’t lie. If we don’t like something we can change it. Feelings are temporary.

How to tackle negative self talk? Write it down. Whenever, I’m going through the “feelings” – I take out a sheet of paper. I write on one side “feeling” and on the other side “facts”. I list out all the feelings that I am feeling. I write why I have this feeling. I reflect about where this feeling came from and I list that. Then, I list what I can do to change this. What are the facts? What can I do with what I have at this time in my life to adjust this? After listing everything and having a little cry session – I begin to feel better. Now, I have a plan of action.

I can’t wait to get home and tackle some clothes clutter that I have been avoiding for weeks! I have pieces of clothing that don’t bring me joy, that I don’t love wearing and they are just taking up real estate! I hope you are enjoying this week’s lesson and be sure to come back next week for our final week!  I would love to hear from you along the journey, share with me on Instagram (tag me @starlakaymathis and use the hashtag #ReFocus2017) Also, share with me on Facebook and Twitter (tag me @starlakaymathis and use the hashtag #ReFocus2017). Help a sista, brotha and cousin out and share this with someone that could benefit. Plus, they would make a great accountability buddy along the journey.

Thank you and have a minimalist week!