The Holidays are approaching and its gift giving season. I recently attended a Blogger’s Night Out event and met with all the vendors listed for a full night of style and pampering! I have a list of local gift ideas for the people you love most! Oh, and every time you buy from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance!

The Sweetie – Sweetie’s Fishers

This friend deserves a sweet treat! She is the one that you call for words of encouragement, she’s always has your back and there when you need a friend. Thank her for being a friend with a sweet treat from Sweetie’s.

The Corny One – Just Pop In Popcorn

This friend always has you laughing with her sweet and corny self! You can always count on a good time with this one. Let’s show her some love this Holiday season with a special gift from Just Pop In Popcorn.

The Fashionista – KW Style

She’s the one you call to see if this shirt goes with that skirt. You love her style and how she expresses herself with fashion. Let’s twin it up this season with some matching bestie looks from Agnes & Dora, Stella & Dot with KW Style.

The Blowout Queen – Dragonfly Salon

Hair flip! The Queen’s hair is her crown and let’s help her shine this season with THEE perfect blowout. An amazing blow out from Dakota or Luda at Dragonfly Salon is all the Queen wants this season.

The Social Media Momma – Unplug Candles

This Social Media Momma is busy posting, sharing, curating and it’s time to give her that push to unplug. Help her take a moment to relax, unplug and cozy up with a good book and the best smelling candles this side of the Mississippi from Unplug Candles.

The Curly Q – Cher Behind The Chair

Her curls stay poppin’ and she would love to keep them poppin’! Gift this Curly Q the best gift ever with a curl treatment, cut or color with Cher Behind The Chair.

The Makeup Diva – Dania Whittey - Senegence

This is the perfect gift for the makeup diva in your group! She knows all the makeup trends and how to apply the looks! Let’s keep this D-I-V-A looking fly with products from Senegence.

The Chocolate Lover – DeBrand Fine Chocolates

It’s 3PM and she NEEDS chocolate. It’s 8PM and she NEEDS chocolate. Help this sista out and gift her some fine chocolate this year! DeBrand Fine Chocolates has her (and your) back this Holiday.

That One Friend That Needs To Relax – Muscle Mama Massage Mobile Wellness

She’s stressed. Damn it, your stressed. We all stressed. Make time to relax Friend and get those knots, kinks, and muscles relaxed with Muscle Mama Massage Mobile Wellness. She comes to you, there is no excuse.

The “Work-A-Holic” Momma – Business In Blue Jeans 

This Momma works a tad too much or it could be that friend that wants to start a business but doesn’t know where to start, gift them both with a copy of Business In Blue Jeans. Make that money, honey – don’t let it make you!

***BONUS: She Will Overcome Momma - The BounceBack Artist

This is the perfect gift for that Momma, Sister, Friend that may had a rough year and is bouncing back. Show her you have her back with a copy of The BounceBack Artist. Head over to SueBMoe and BounceBackArtist for book sign up, release date December 15. Bounce Back, Baby!

We all know someone above that can totally use one (or more) of these gifts this season. Heck, I could use them ALL just for myself (treat-yo-self, Starla). This season consider shopping small business because every time you buy from a small business, someone is doing a happy dance! Happy Holiday, Friends!