As I venture into my second year of blogging, I wanted to step outside my comfort zone. I wanted to step up to the plate and luckily for me two amazing women have inspired me to go for it!

Let’s be honest, I never take full body photos. I’m no fashionista. I love to be comfortable and cute! I’m the selfie queen! I should just stay in my lane. What would others think? All those thoughts ran through my head. I probably talked myself out of this photo shoot more than once but I knew I just had to try it! This quote inspired me to say what the hell and go for it.


The Only Limitations One Has Are The Ones They Place On Themselves. – Muhammad Ali


My guy, Ali – was so right. I’m no longer saying NO to myself or I CAN'T do this. I may not be the best on day one but you best believe I will get better over time. Believing in yourself and rooting for yourself is - Confidence Boost Number #1


On photo shoot day – I was nervous and acted goofy (that’s what I do when I’m nervous) I had to say my affirmations to center myself.

 I am powerful, I am intelligent, I am strong, I am beautiful and I got this! 

I must say I love this dress! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. My first thought was…I will need a jacket to cover my arms. Nope! I stepped outside my comfort zone once again and I was showing them arms! This dress  from Meijer's is the perfect A Line Summer Dress for us Apple Shaped Beauties! I love how it fits around the girls and highlights my waist (I felt pretty sexy)! The dress is great when running around with the kids. The dress and sandals are the perfect combo for summer dates with Hubs! Hubs loved the outfit by the way!

These two ladies inspire me daily! Brittney at The Pretty Plus inspires me to stay true to my voice and to share my story. She does that over at her blog and I love her cute and comfortable style! I love Brittney's dress, reminds me of the movie Clueless! See more of Brittney's look here. Sierra at Eclectic Kurves inspires me to stay true to myself and to break barriers. She does that over at her blog and I love how bold she is and her style is so beautiful! See more of Sierra's look here. Be sure to head over to their blogs and follow them on social media!

Stepping outside my comfort zone increased my confidence up some notches! #nolie When I look at my photos, I’m beyond proud of myself. I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone this week. Most importantly, I challenge you not to place limitations upon yourself.


Peace + Blessings,