Summer of 2017 was fantastic! I definitely challenged myself, enjoyed myself and made things happen. Now, don’t get me wrong there were some low moments and lots of over-thinking happening in my head. However, I’m proud of myself and that I pushed past that ish and continued to go forward.

Inspired Living – When it comes to living an inspired life, also known as, living your best life the following helped me this Summer.  The ReFocus Challenge was exactly what I needed to stay focused on my priorities this Summer. Each week was a task designed to help you refocus on what matters most. I highly recommend you check out the ReFocus Challenge - Click here for week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4.

Creative Life – My creative business has defiantly flourished without me watering it (I don’t promote enough). I’m so grateful to have a steady side income that I use to support the blog and my family. Thank you to my clients, I love working with you! Also, I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year! I celebrated my first year in blogging August 1st.

Mom + Wife – Reg and I celebrated 4 years of marriage and he surprised me with a beautiful anniversary date. We had wine tasting at Easley Winery, dinner (cooked by a chef friend of ours) and gondola ride on the canal. Reg traveled for work for 3 weeks this Summer, and that was hard! I don’t know how people can go so long without hugs, kisses and being intimate. We managed and once he was back, I couldn’t let him go. I planned a surprise “laser tag” gathering for him and he loved it! Cardell celebrated his 8th Birthday and played softball this year! Kayin is my little shadow and she's writing her name (first and last)! Mid Summer I was having horrible headaches that lasted close to 4 weeks. I’m not sure what triggered the headaches and what exactly worked to end them. These were all the steps that I took - I removed my birth control, I practiced stress-reduce breathing techniques, I avoided headache triggering foods, I got in 8 hours of sleep, I began to take these pills and I used this oil for pain management.

Home Life – All Summer long I was going back and forth with a new cleaning routine. I practiced cleaning one room (or level) a day. That was exhausting. I practiced cleaning the whole house on Thursdays (with help from everyone). I’m starting to think this may be our new normal. I enjoy and I mean ENJOY waking up on Fridays and Saturdays with a clean (or somewhat clean) home. In this season of our lives - I’m so over cleaning up house on Saturdays. Saturdays were made to have FUN!

Beauty + Style – Protective styles were my jam all Summer, especially Box Braids! Shea Moisture products kept my hair moisturized and itch free! Check out my Shea Moisture Protective Style Collection reviews here – Review 1, Review 2, Review 3, Review 4. When it came to Summer fashion I was all over Meijer! I found the perfect Summer dress for our Family Reunion. Meijer’s saved me when I was last minute shopping and needed a dress for a friend’s wedding. This little number from Meijer’s kept me feeling sexy and flirty!

Food + Drinks – When it comes to Summer meals, I don’t like to spend time cooking over a stove. Actually, I don’t like doing that any season! This is my go to cookbook for the Summer (and most seasons) – the meals are super easy and only requires 5 ingredients. I’m loving this Summer salad that I found on the internet, recipe here.

Travel + Indy Living – This Summer, I was saying YES and attending many events in Indy. I attended the Black Bloggers United Event hosted at Punch Bowl Social and it was so much fun! The Strength of She Conference was great and I met some new faces! The Connect INDY Event was spectacular – there was so much to do and it was sponsored by Verizon.  We did not travel this Summer, which is fine because we have a huge trip planned for the end of the year! Can you guess where we are going? Hint…The Ears

Summer 2017 was a Year of YES Summer – I’ve accomplished many things and challenged myself to say YES. I had several photo shoots (where I was in front of the camera), I hosted my first meet up at Mass Ave Wine Shop and I did nothing some days (and I didn’t feel guilty about it). I’m very excited to see what Fall 2017 has to offer. With that said - Push past fear, self doubt and over-thinking this Fall and live your best daily. This is my 2017 Fall Mantra – The Only Limitations One Has Are The Ones They Place On Themselves. – Muhammad Ali 

Cheers, to a great Fall 2017!

Images Courtesy of Tanisha Pinex