Hello Love! 

I'm very excited to share with you what I am leaving in 2016! 

My best friend and I had our first annual day retreat where we had a day filled with serious girl catch-up, lunch, shared our goals, dinner, movies and then she introduced me to this new goal planning exercise. This exercise was similar to something I had reflected to myself in my head, however, sharing it with another person was a HUGE RELEASE! 

The tools you will need for this goal planning exercise:

  • Yellow Poster Paper

  • Red Poster Paper

  • Markers or Permanent Markers

The first step is to take your Red Poster Paper and write 2016 on it. List the following:

  • Negative thinking or thoughts

  • Goals that were not achieved

  • Excuses that kept you back from your goals

The second step is to take your Yellow Poster Paper and write 2017 on it. List the following:

  • Positive thinking or thoughts (I wrote positive thoughts to combat the negative thoughts of 2016)

  • Goals to achieve (I listed how to achieve the goals that I did not accomplished in 2016)

  • Affirmations for 2017 (I wrote affirmations to carry me through the new year)

While we wrote on our posters we shared our true emotions with each other. We encouraged each other and we comforted each other. It was a wonderful experience and a great release of emotions. Then, we took out our iPhones and took photos of the posters to carry with us daily. I decided to rip my posters as a symbolic gesture of releasing the negativity and not carrying that with me into the new year. 

I wish that you try this goal planning exercise with a good friend or family member. It was a great release for me. I'm so excited for what 2017 will bring and the hard work that is ahead of me.

I have free goal sheets to help you plan your best year ever!

  • My Top 3 Goals Sheet - List your top 3 goals for the year + action steps to accomplish that goal. 

  • Marriage Goal Sheet - Each partner will list their top 3 goals for the marriage + their top 3 events or activities to experience with each other.

  • Family Goal Sheet - Each family member list their top 3 goals.

  • January Top Ten List - List your top 10 events + activities that you would like to experience this month.

Be sure to download and print your sheets today! I would love to know if you will try the goal planning exercise. Let me know in the comments below. Happy New Year and I wish you all the best!